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Welcome to the Hospice House Network

The Hospice House Network is a virtual community of hospice professionals, volunteers and others who share an abiding interest in the provision of hospice care in a facility or inpatient setting for those hospice patients who can't receive care in their own homes. Our mission is to provide a forum for collaboration, problem solving and sharing for the benefit of hospice care facilities across the country and for the patients and families they serve. Our vision is to build a sense of community and support among hospice professionals who have - or want to have - experience with hospice-managed, facility-based care, which we consider a special setting for the special kind of caring that is hospice.

We include within this “Hospice House” lexicon those hospice facilities that directly provide hospice general inpatient care (including respite care), residential care or a mixture of the two. We hope that broad umbrella can cover both those agencies that bought or built their Hospice House structure and those that lease space for their hospice unit. The Network is intended not only for those who are already engaged in the provision of facility-based hospice services, but also for those who are earnestly pursuing its development, and for those who simply want to learn more about how to provide high-quality inpatient or residential care for a hospice population.

Annual membership in the Hospice House Network is only $150 for an agency and all of its staff. Membership brings access to the website, including a resources page and an opportunity to post your facility's picture on our Photo Gallery, along with our quarterly newsletter (The Flutter), which highlights ongoing developments, best practices and challenges of facility-based hospice care.

In the future, we will be adding more resources, photos and links in the Members-only section of this website, as well as new and back issues of the newsletter. We also hope to explore sponsorship of interactive events, including webinars, to bring people together to work on things like best practices. Members also have an opportunity through the HHN Listserve to participate in a growing nationwide community of colleagues who are working to make Hospice Houses a success by sharing their questions, frustrations, ideas and solutions. If you'd like to be part of this project, please consider subscribing to the Hospice House Network.

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