The HopeWest Hospice Care Center is truly a special place built by the community,
a place where generosity inspires hope, each and every day.

Patients receive advanced pain and symptom management as well as emotional and spiritual support in an atmosphere different from most medical facilities. Families can stay 24-hours a day while kitchen, dining and laundry areas are available for their use.

This chapel is a wonderful place for peace, quiet and reflection for patients, families and visitors. Prayer requests for chaplains can be made by dropping a note on the plate in front of the stained glass windows, or in the nearby Vessel of Hope ceramic vase.

The HopeWest Hospice Care Center is surrounded by beautiful gardens, sculptures, benches and fountains for community enjoyment. A small but mighty group of dedicated volunteers give their time to ensure the beauty of our campus.

The Leis Lobby is a living room area around a beautiful fireplace. The room also has a piano that volunteers will play for the enjoyment of patients and families.

Our patient spa room provides a peaceful atmosphere for patients to receive soothing water therapy or simply have a bath. The tub has a lift for patients who cannot get in and out of the tub without assistance.

HopeWest Hospice
Care Center

Sponsoring agency: HopeWest

Grand Junction, CO

Number of beds: 13

Model: Inpatient, freestanding

The first of its kind on the Western Slope of Colorado, the HopeWest Hospice Care Center provides a comfortable, home-like environment for patients and their families and focuses on intensive medical end-of-life care for patients who can no longer be at home, but would rather not be hospitalized.

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