Alexian Brothers Hospice in metropolitan Chicago built a separate commercial kitchen in its Hospice House, but this family kitchen is frequently used by family visitors.
(Photo by Tom Mullinax, courtesy of Hospice Design Resources)

This small kitchen of the Hospice House built by Hospice of Southern Maine in Scarsborough is on full view from the facility's dining room.
(Photo by Tom Mullinax, courtesy of Hospice Design Resources)

JourneyCare Hospice in Barrington, Ill., designed its Hospice House kitchen with soft space that would permit eventual expansion for the kitchen facilities.
(Photo by Tom Mullinax, courtesy of Hospice Design Resources)

The Cafe at Ames offers snacks in a pleasant setting for families visiting residents of Ames Family Hospice House of Hospice of the Western Reserve, Cleveland Ohio.
(Photo courtesy of Hospice of the Western Reserve)

Downstairs from the Hospice House Care Center of HopeWest, Grand Junction, Colo., Spoons Bistro and Bakery serves meals to the public seven days a week while supplying the food for the hospice residents upstairs.
(Photo courtesy of HopeWest)

This outdoor patio of Spoons Bistro and Bakery of HopeWest, Grand Junction, Colo, is open to the public and offers occasional musical performances.
(Photo courtesy of HopeWest)

Hospice House
Food Services

Sponsoring agency/location: Multiple

All Hospice Houses need a way to feed their residents, within requirements of prevailing health regulations and recognizing that hospice patients often have little or no appetite for eating. Various models are used, from contracts with food service vendors to full commercial-grade kitchens, depending on size and resources of the facility. Usually family kitchens allow visitors to whip up something quickly at any hour of the day. Some hospices have also found ways to extend their food service beyond the patients to family members, staff and even, in the case of Spoons Bistro & Cafe in Grand Junction, Colo., to the public.

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